General didactics in Finish teacher education - the case of class teacher education at Åbo Akademi University

Sven-Erik Hansén, Gunilla Eklund, Jan Sjöberg


The idea of a university-based and a research-oriented teacher education is today broadly accepted by the Finnish society. The academic connection is considered to guarantee quality and to secure appropriate professionalism in a changing society. The research oriented approach is fundamental for our understanding of constituting characteristics of teacher education in general but also for understanding the conditions for knowledge production in didactics. From a historical point of view, a research oriented approach is quite a new phenomenon and has been practiced in Finland only for a few decades. The aim is therefore to expose our way of understanding the foundation for the content structure and the function of general didactics for qualifying professional teachers. We argue for a set of orientations, individual, societal, social and research, which together constitute the foundation for the construction of concrete courses. Since the strong emphasis assigned to research orientation we deepen this part of the analysis and also include student teachers’ voices. In order to highlight the relation between research orientation and practice, we make a cross-sectional analysis of the orientations in relation to theory and practice.

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