Reformholdninger og didaktiske positioner blandt lærere i den danske gymnasieskole

Steen Beck, Michael Paulsen


In this paper we analyze didactical positions among teachers in the Danish Upper Secondary School. We discuss how the positions are influenced by the reform from 2005. We argue that a social oriented constructivism has been strengthened by the reform and an objectivistic approach has been weakened. By analyzing data from three subjects – Social Science, Danish and Physics – we show that the changes of power relations have different didactical consequences within the three subjects. Another point is that the reform with its focus on application, innovative skills, inter-disciplinarity and study competence has not changed the didactical positions of teachers radically. They prefer to use already existing approaches to create a practice they can accept. Also we show that the reality of diversity among students is important when it comes to the question how teachers position themselves towards learning and teaching. In the end of the paper we discuss what it means to lead an Upper Secondary School where different positions towards didactics coexist.

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