Lärares förväntningar på rektors ledarskap - om medarbetarskap, verksamhetskultur och skolledning

Siv Saarukka


This article is about teacher expectations on principal as school leader. To ensure a holistic view on principal's leadership, relations among colleagues and various aspects of the educational culture in schools are given attention as they are closely integrated in the learning community. Expectations on principal´s leadership were investigated through face-to-face interviews addressed to groups of teachers. Results from the interviews proof that teacher expectations according principal are focusing on different perspectives on leadership abilities related to principal as a person, principal´s professional leadership and the position as a head. As a school is a learning community, the principal is expected to develop a motivating working environment for teaching and learning. Trust and collaboration was mentioned as essential in a school activity culture supporting educational development. Teachers expect a supportive educational learning culture conducted by the principal, and cooperation among didactic professionals in the working practice in an environmet of common activities and mutual responsibility.

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